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Gary Griffith III was introduced into a life of service from a very early age, where both his parents served nationally, at various levels. From the tender age of six years, he was oriented to the importance of public service and the importance of National development from every perspective. Young Griffith was regularly seen at various political meetings from that youthful age, often contributing as best as such a youth is expected to. 


Based on his early development into Public service, Gary III became the inspiration for the formation of the GIII Foundation in 2010, where after both his parents' participation in the political arena; they felt it important to maintain the link with community service. Gary III’s involvement with the foundation continues in a number of initiatives, including that of mentor, guest speaker, spokesperson and interventionist. Gary III is one of the ‘model youth’ of the foundation.

OMG Digital Magazine national development series, Discipline, Production, Tolerance, a search or Independence. Hosted by Gary Griffith III

Gary III was also used as the host/presenter of the OMG Digital Magazine national development series, Discipline, Production, Tolerance, a search or Independence. Gary III hosted this miniseries, where he was instrumental in corralling a number of young persons across Trinidad and Tobago, whilst guiding the process on the exploration of the National watchwords and their applicability in today’s world. 

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The Foundation’s main objective is to develop strategies that will expand and enrich the life experiences of its student participants by providing the opportunity to engage in practical life- skills management programs that are designed to fill the gaps in developmental education. 

the GIII FoundatioN

The flagship of the GIII Foundation is the Soaring Eagles Programme which sees student participants through a seven-week course of learning where they are exposed to self-enrichment programs including:









For the duration of the program, the student participants are encouraged to invite their parents and/or guardians to also participate in the various program segments to ensure they are afforded at-home support when they complete each subject area. At the end of the seven-week course of study, the student participants graduate and are afforded the option of being further mentored as Peer Support Persons, where they will receive specialized training in becoming a peer support person within their schools or community. A skills-based database is created for each cohort to ensure the student participants are monitored and paired where possible with adult mentors for experiential support in their future endeavors. 

The GIII Foundation is based upon the three pillars of GROWTH, GREATNESS and GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT that the patron wishes not only for her son but for every young person who passes through "The Soaring Eagles Programme". 


GROWTH - In terms of person and character. 


GREATNESS - The hope that each participant would want to continue to strive to achieve the best they can be. 


GENEROSITY - The spirit of the G 111 Foundation," THE PASS IT ON PRINCIPLE" 

The GIII Foundation is based on the philosophy that the gift of learning keeps on giving, and the gift of giving should keep on growing. 

Soaring Eagles
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